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Filling materials

New: FIX® filler material in a dispenser box. Available in 3 variants: Air cushion pockets (fixair®), Fix Paper® paper buffers and recycled shredded cardboard mats (Fix Shredder®). Convenient buffer / filling material for small shippers. For large shippers, we naturally supply larger packaging or machines that produce the filling material on site.

Flopak Green® loosefill padding guarantees you an environmentally friendly and optimal protection for your products. Flopak green® prevents damage and has a very high shock-absorbing capacity. Flopack Green is suitable for pointed and / or heavy products and the filling chips do not give off. With this recyclable filling material you fill all empty spaces in your packaging and boxes, so that your goods always remain in place during transport and shipping. Flopak Green® filler chips are supplied in 500 liter bags.


Voor het handmatig doseren van opvulchips..

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Bubble mats 7-tube ActivaAir 40x30cm, 450m, transparent
from €69.00

7 Tube activaAir mat foil for creation of air cushion mats. Just create the air cushion mats with th..

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Fix Air air cushions in box
from €12.50

Handy dispenser box with inflated air cushions. For small consumers who only need padding and / or b..

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Fix Paper Void fill in Box
from €12.50

40 strips. The alternative to the plastic air bags. Environmentally friendly and reusable. The handy..

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Fix Shredder void fill material dispenserbox
from €12.50

Handy dispenser box with cardboard shred. This recycled cardboard has been processed into buffering ..

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Loose fill Chips Green 500L Bag
from €22.95

Loose fill Chips Green from Flo-pak are made from 100% recycled and reusable polystyrene and therefo..

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